Semi-Trailer Truck Air Conditioner Problems

13 February 2017
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Driving over a long distance in a semi-trailer truck that has a malfunctioning air conditioning system can be exhausting on a hot day. There are many parts in an air conditioning system that can cause cooling problems if they are not in good shape. You will either need to get the problematic parts cleaned, repaired, or replaced. However, keep in mind that if your system is worn out, repairs might not be sufficient enough to bring it back to a functional condition. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the common problems that the air conditioner in a vehicle can have.

1. There Is a Refrigerant Problem

Refrigerant is one of the important things that an air conditioning system must have in order to cool off a vehicle. It is possible that it is time for more refrigerant to be placed inside of your truck to resolve the cooling problem. If there is already a sufficient amount of refrigerant in the truck, it could possibly be contaminated. Hire a mechanic to inspect the coolant to find out if there is any dirt or other debris in it. You might need to get the old refrigerant drained out so a new bottle of it can be poured inside of your truck.

2. Something Is Wrong with the Evaporator Coil

An air conditioning system is unable to cool off a vehicle without the evaporator coil being in good shape. The coil is in place because it works with refrigerant to create cool air. For example, the refrigerant is turned into gas form when it makes it into the evaporator coil. The gas is able to make the coil extremely cold so it can transform warm air into cool air as it flows through the system. You might need to get the coil cleaned, but it should be replaced if it is rusty.

3. The Air Compressor Is Malfunctioning

You might have a bad air compressor in your truck that is causing cooling problems. The compressor is important because it assists with removing warm air out of your truck. When the compressor is damaged, warm air can stay inside of the truck and interfere with how cool the air conditioner is able to get. A compressor is the type of part that can easily be replaced if it is necessary. However, it might also be possible for a mechanic to repair it. Contact a company like Color Country Diesel Inc to learn more.