Protecting The Value Of Your Car With Yearly Auto Detailing

24 February 2017
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Washing your car regularly is important for more reasons than making your car look good. You should wash your car to keep the exterior from corroding because of caked on dirt, salt or road debris. In addition, washing your car helps keep the value of your car. Auto detailing is washing the inside of your car thoroughly, making it look new again. While you can try to wash the outside of your car on your own, and do the detailing, it is easier for a professional to do the job for you. Read More 

Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Car

21 February 2017
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With summer just around the corner, it's time to get your car ready for road trips and vacations, as well as making sure it's still safe for day-to-day driving. The following are a few tips to help get your car summer ready. Tip #1: Schedule tire service Plan to have your tires inspected and balanced at the very least, since driving through winter ice and hitting the potholes that often appear with the warming weather can cause havoc. Read More 

Two Signs That You Have Faulty Brakes

16 February 2017
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Your brakes are arguably the most important part of your entire vehicle.  Without good brakes, you run the risk of getting into a serious accident that could turn out to have life changing ramifications.  That's why it's so vital for you to pay attention to what's going on with your brakes so you'll know when they're on the verge of going out.  Use this information to learn more about the signs that your brakes are faulty and need to be replaced. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Do Before A Big Road Trip

14 February 2017
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Are you thinking about going on a cross-country road trip during your vacation this summer? Are you already making plans about exactly where to go and what you'll see? In order to ensure that your trip is a successful one, you'll need to do more than just plot out your destinations. Planning for things to go wrong can be just as important as planning for when things go right. Otherwise, even something as mundane as a flat tire can throw off the rest of your vacation. Read More 

How To Replace A Faulty Vehicle Thermostat

13 February 2017
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If your vehicle takes a longer time to start, it does not reach normal temperature of 200 degrees F, or it overheats fast, the thermostat may be the culprit.The thermostat prevents the coolant from entering the radiator until the engine warms. It helps control emissions and wastes to the engine by warming it up slowly.It isn't hard to replace a thermostat yourself. Here are tips to replace a vehicle thermostat. Prepare to Work Read More