Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Car

21 February 2017
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With summer just around the corner, it's time to get your car ready for road trips and vacations, as well as making sure it's still safe for day-to-day driving. The following are a few tips to help get your car summer ready. Tip #1: Schedule tire service Plan to have your tires inspected and balanced at the very least, since driving through winter ice and hitting the potholes that often appear with the warming weather can cause havoc. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Do Before A Big Road Trip

14 February 2017
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Are you thinking about going on a cross-country road trip during your vacation this summer? Are you already making plans about exactly where to go and what you'll see? In order to ensure that your trip is a successful one, you'll need to do more than just plot out your destinations. Planning for things to go wrong can be just as important as planning for when things go right. Otherwise, even something as mundane as a flat tire can throw off the rest of your vacation. Read More 

When You Know Your Truck Needs Repair: How To Get It To The Shop Safely

13 February 2017
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If you have a truck in need of repair but it is still driveable, you may wonder how you will get the truck to the repair shop safely. Most people might suck it up and check into truck towing, but that may be out of your budget, especially when you can drive the truck. Here are some options to weigh before you reach for the truck towing service's number. Driving Short Distances Read More 

Ultimate Off-Road Equipment To Make Your Vehicle Better For Long Trips

9 February 2017
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Off-road equipment is used for many different needs, such as contractor work, rural land management, or just recreation. Depending on the traveling you plan on doing off road, you will want to be prepared with the right vehicle and equipment. Some off road parts do not come in pretty manufacturing packages, and you may need to solve the problems yourself with salvaged auto parts. Here are some projects to create off road equipment to prepare for long off-road trips: Read More 

Why Oil Changes Are Important To Extending The Life Of Your Vehicle

8 February 2017
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If you only have time and money for one maintenance routine for your car or truck, it should be having your oil changed on a regular basis. Most mechanics and car manufacturers define "regularly" as once every three months or once every 5,000 miles (whichever benchmark comes first.) You might want to get your oil changed more frequently if you live in an extremely hot or cold climate, if you tend to drive using jack-rabbit starts, if you live on or frequently travel on dirt roads and/or if your engine is older and tends to burn oil. Read More