Car Breakdown? Two Tips To Help You Get An Affordable Tow

4 February 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If your car has broken down without warning, you could find yourself in a very difficult situation.  As much as you know that you need to get the vehicle to a repair shop, you may be concerned about the price of the tow truck.  Funds could be stretched tight, and you might think that you'll just have to leave the car where it is until you're able to save up more money.  However, there are things you can do to afford a tow truck even when you're on a budget.  Use this information to learn more about two tips that can help you get a budget-friendly tow when you need it most.

Seek Out An Independent Tow Contractor

The first thing you should do when you need to get a tow truck is seek out an independent tow contractor.  These are towing contractors who essentially work for themselves.  This can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Independent towing contractors often offer more affordable rates simply because they need the business.  They may not have a lot of money at their disposal to cover advertising and marketing costs, so they depend on local citizens to patronize their services.  They may place the ads for their towing services on free community boards so that they're able to drum up clients.  Because they are not attached to a particular company, they usually have a greater ability to negotiate a rate that works for you.

The best thing to do is keep your eyes open.  As you're driving along the roads, pay attention to the tow trucks that you see.  If you happen to come across one that has a sign on their truck that says something to the effect of, "Privately owned towing company," or "Independent contractor," save their contact information in your phone.  When a towing emergency comes up, you'll be glad you did.

Contact Your Insurer

Although you may have omitted roadside assistance from your car insurance policy, your insurer may still be able to help you in your time of need.  Give your insurance company a call and ask about whether or not they happen to be partnered with a local towing company.  If they are, they can give you the code to use to book an appointment at a discounted rate.

Getting affordable towing assistance doesn't have to be out of reach if you just know what to do.  The next time you need a tow truck, remember these tips so you can get help without breaking the bank.