Three Ways To Get A Warranty Or Guarantee On Used Auto Parts

6 February 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Cars can be expensive, even when you have selected a reliable and inexpensive vehicle. Most people will have several car related continuous bills, including a car payment, car insurance, and regular gas fill ups. All of these along with needing to get tune ups and other serving can add up to a large part of your working budget. If you want to save a little money, you can purchase used auto parts when your car needs to be repaired. The only issue with used parts is that they may not come with a warranty if something goes wrong after being replaced. Here are some ways to get a warranty or guarantee with used auto parts. 

Purchase a warranty through a third party

If you go to a store or an online shop to get a warranty for your vehicle, there are stores that provide the option for an added or extended warranty. Purchasing a warranty or getting an extended warranty on the part will grant you some protection. Be sure that you get the longest warranty possible for major items, such as engines and transmissions. Having security on these high ticket items can make it easier to invest in a used product.

Find shops that offer the used parts

There is no one better to be able to check out and approve a used part than a mechanic. Go to a shop like Southwest Auto Salvage that offers you the option of selecting and working with used parts for your car repair. Allow the mechanic to select the used part that will be placed inside of your car. Be sure to get the information for the part before okaying the usage in your vehicle so you know the statistics' on the part. You want to make sure that used parts that are placed in your car are as new and as unused as you can get them. A mechanic selected part can be placed under warranty by the auto shop if it is hand selected to work with. 

Ask your mechanic for a guarantee on the work

If you cannot figure out how to get a warranty on the part itself, ask your mechanic for a warranty on the work itself. Sometimes the parts can begin to have issues because of the repair, but not because of the part breaking down. Be sure to go to a mechanic who will give you a warranty on the work that they will perform on your vehicle. If the car starts to have issues, you should have problems you can take the vehicle back to them to be sure that it's not the placement of the parts causing an issue.