When You Know Your Truck Needs Repair: How To Get It To The Shop Safely

13 February 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you have a truck in need of repair but it is still driveable, you may wonder how you will get the truck to the repair shop safely. Most people might suck it up and check into truck towing, but that may be out of your budget, especially when you can drive the truck. Here are some options to weigh before you reach for the truck towing service's number.

Driving Short Distances

If you have a little engine, exhaust issue, or tire problem and the distance to the repair shop is less than three miles, you can slowly and safely drive your truck there. This short distance is fine, so long as the truck can clearly handle it. For example, if the tire has a slow leak and is slightly flat, a one-, two- or three-mile drive to the shop, slowly, is okay, so long as you are carefully monitoring the situation. Likewise, a smoking engine that cools down and then does not smoke again for at least a mile is another situation where you can slowly drive your truck to the repair shop.

Pushing or Dragging

Cars that suddenly stop can be pushed to the side of the road. This is done either by getting behind the vehicle and pushing it while someone else steers or you turn and control the wheel while someone uses his/her vehicle to push your vehicle around from behind. It is best used for getting your car to a repair shop that is literally a block or two away. It saves the price of a tow when you are barely going anywhere to have the truck repaired.

Dragging is similar, except in this case another vehicle uses chains to pull you along. Jeeps and heavy duty pick-ups are both capable of dragging another car or truck for short distances. With either of these approaches, you should NOT be going on the highways or freeways and avoid high-traffic city streets.

Using Stock Car Trailers

If you know someone with a stock car trailer, this is another good option for getting your car to the repair shop safely. These trailers are used to haul away and haul around stock cars for stock car racing. When you can borrow such a trailer from a friend, you will be able to take your vehicle further faster because you do not have to worry about your truck getting stuck or getting hit because you turned the truck down the wrong road in transit.